LT Consulting LLC

LT Consulting specializes in hiring highly qualified experienced consultants with backgrounds that span across the intelligence arena and commercial environment. Our consultants’ collective expertise and knowledge in application development, systems integration, and program management has aided in providing Enterprise software solutions and service support to key components within the Intelligence Agencies we support in a cost efficient way. LT Consulting strives to earn and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction with unwavering commitment to the customer mission, subject matter expertise, responsiveness, and innovative approaches to issue resolution. Our consultants work in partnership with customers to bridge internal Information Technology (IT) gaps from best practices learned across the intelligence community (IC) and have introduced off-the-shelf capabilities from one agency to another. Our experienced consultants have demonstrated their skills and knowledge in data virtualization and cloud computing at an enterprise level.

To retain the highest level employees, we at LT Consulting offer three (3) highly popular programs: Employee Referral Program, Employer Paid Insurance, and LT Consulting Equity Program.

Employee Referral Program:

It has been our experience that our better employees have been referred to us by our current employees. It is with this thought in mind that we created our Employee Referral Program.

Our Employee Referral program has done wonders for our business. Referred employees have higher retention rates and increase employee engagement in the company. But generating a successful referral program took a lot more than a few free dinners at a popular restaurant. We learned that a good referral program started with creating a work culture that is a positive employer brand. Becoming a company that people will refer took some work and cash.

We open up the opportunity for every employee to make referrals to our company. Keep in mind that this isn't about filling a slot, this is about filling the right slot with the right person.

We have learned that quite often employees respond better to rewards (financial compensation). This is why we offer a $5,000.00 Employee Referral Bonus to any employee that refers a person that we hire after three (3) months of employment. I guess you can say it's about the benjamins.

Employer Paid Insurance:

Employers of all sizes evaluate different strategies to offer and pay for employees' health insurance. With the introduction of The Affordable Care Act, a lot of companies have strayed away from Employer Paid Health Insurance.

With health insurance being a hot-topic these days, we have learned that offering Employer Paid Health Insurance is a valued fringe benefit, and is an important tool for recruiting and retaining top employees. That is why we offer Employer Paid Health Insurance.

LT Consulting Equity Plan:

The LT Consulting Employee Equity plan provides a way for employees to get equity in the company. Units will be awarded based on criteria established by the company leadership. Please click on the following link to view a full description of our "Employee Equity Plan".